Original Testimonials From Google - Not Altered In Any Way 



Original Testimonials From Google - Not Altered In Any Way 


My experience at Rudra Ayurveda Center has been life changing. Living with a mysterious illness for the past 5 years, seeing all kinds of doctors and undergoing multiple treatments, none of them were able to help me feel better. Dr Rudra and Roy changed that. Working with them and following their advice, I am starting to heal. I’ve only been under their care for about 2 months and I can see and feel a difference in my body. I am so glad I turned to Ayurveda and found them!


This place is life changing, I have been going to this center and i have seen myself grow and learn so many different things from Dr.Rudra, she has taught me to live a happy and healthy life in many different ways. She takes me not just as a customer, I get treated at the center as a family. Since last year i have received more than what I had hoped for myself. The most important thing i have learned is that if someone wants to achieve something they must have patience, because this is a natural process which takes time and effort, and most importantly you must have faith, it is most definitely not an overnight thing.


I have been seeing Dr. Rudra for over a year now and she has changed my entire outlook on health and wellness. I've dealt with a chronic digestive condition for many years, and found myself discouraged with the quality of care I received from traditional western medicine, and I'm so grateful to have found Dr. Rudra and Roy. With their help I've learned how maintaining a healthy routine (involving specifically tailored food list, breathing exercises, meditation and yoga) can transform my physical and mental health. Dr. Rudra posses an unmatched wealth of knowledge about the workings of the human body, and she has a gift for understanding the specific treatment needed for the precise situation and person. In addition, she and Roy have been relentlessly and passionately attentive to helping me improve my often challenging condition. I've felt treated like family by them and would recommend them highly to anyone who has felt let down by conventional medicine found in this country, or anyone who is simply looking to improve their health.


Dr. Rudra and Roy are an amazing team focused on creating a wonderful environment aimed at your optimum health. I deeply appreciate their knowledge of Ayurveda and customization of their approach. It's a very special place where the learning is deep and lasting.


Dr. Rudra was very caring and understanding, she made a major change in my life and she helped me understand my body better, I feel Great.


Kudos to Dr Rudra and roy for their undivided attention. Exceptionally thoughtful and kind. Highly recommend.


Great service


Excellent service and very knowledgeable Ayurvedic practitioner. Anyone looking to gain good health naturally, this place is for them. Highly recommended. Love to Dr Rudra.


I have spent the last 35 years searching for the Holy Grail of Good Health... Healers...psychic healers...Iridologists..Homeopathic and Holistic doctors etc.. all with varying results. Finally, I feel that I have come to the end of my Search - having stumbled upon Rudra Aryuveda! The diagnosis, the treatment, the supplements and protocols have all yielded amazing results in just a short period to time. More importantly, a lot of clarity on food stuffs; what to eat / what not eat, how much to eat and proper food preparation... I have always believed that food was the greatest healer of all - yet, I never seemed to get the right guidance and results. The good Doctor and her amazing assistant, are so hands on, so involved and so caring and that has helped make it so easy to embrace some important lifestyle changes. I am now thanking all the Gods above for leading me to this amazing center of good health and well being...


I am so incredibly honored to write this review for Dr. Rudra and Roy. I was so impressed with them from day one. I am treated with such care and compassion that I feel blessed. Not to mention the wealth of knowledge that I’ve gained from them regarding my health. I began my journey with debilitating menstrual issues and constant bloating. I am two months in and feel like a different person both mentally and physically. After searching for solutions for years through conventional medicine, i am so happy to have finally found the answer. I’m even happier that the answer is a natural approach. Dr. Rudra is brilliant and I enjoy soaking up every piece of valuable information she provides me, i do not have enough words to thank her. and Roy who is equally amazing. I’m forever grateful.
Koula G.


It was a wonderful experience to be at Rudra Ayurveda! It's hard to believe Ayurveda is so powerful & effective. Meeting Dr.Rudra completely changed my life and way of looking at things.

I was suffering from severe indigestion since the last two years, and had tried all possible medical treatments, but to no avail. Desperate to improve my condition, I found about this center online. I wasn't sure about the effectiveness of alternate medicine, but I decided to try nonetheless. And boy, it worked wonders! During my first consultation, I was explained about the imbalance (Dosha) in my body, and the root cause of my problem. I was amazed by the deep understanding and accuracy of Dr.Rudra, and felt as if she knew me since forever.

I was given a detailed diet plan to follow for 4 weeks, supported by a couple of herbs. I was also recommended to go through a 5 day Cleansing process, which I was told is an Ayurvedic routine to be followed every 3-4 months. Roy helped me with some breathing exercises and was helpful in scheduling my follow-up appointment.

After the first two days of Cleansing, my pain significantly reduced, and by the fifth day, I was feeling fresh & rejuvenated, as if nothing ever happened. My body felt alive, & completely detoxified. I can't thank them enough, and words are inadequate to describe how grateful I'm to meet Dr.Rudra.

Thank you so much for your wonderful service, and looking forward to the next cleansing process in Fall!!


I was told by a Naturopath with very little science that I had Lyme, I was told by a few Dr.s with very little science that I had Psoriatic Arthritis. I was suffering for a long time with joint pain and Psoriasis. Also had bad fatigue off and on. I had spent a lot of money on acupuncture and lots of Chinese herbs and got no where. After the 2 weeks of my Panchikarma my psoriasis went down significantly and the joint pain improved. Now a few weeks out from that and things continue to improve. I can't recommend this practice high enough. I wish I could give them 50 stars!!


Dr rudra is patient, listened to my issues, reviewed my test results and doctors notes, and made a custom plan of diet and breathing exercises that has set me on the route to recovery. Her assistant Roy is super helpful and knowledgeable as well.
Definitely recommended.


I first began to see Dr. Rudra about a year and a half ago, and just finished my first full panchakarma treatment. I can't say enough about the experience, and about the improvements it's brought about in my health -- I have more energy and more clarity than I've had in a long, long while. Both Dr. Rudra and Roy are wonderful to work with, and I'm very glad to have found them.

Amy Stein

Meeting Dr. Rudra and her thoughtful assistant Roy has recently given me a new positive outlook on health and wellness. There are many programs, centers and classes in NYC that approach holistic topics and it can be easy to become overwhelmed and misguided. In one consultation, I left Rudra Ayurveda with a clear perspective regarding my recent health concerns, a solid diet plan and ultimately with a new way to approach my lifestyle. It has only been one week of taking herbal medicines, eating on time and appropriately for my body and maintaining a regular meditation practice but already I feel confident that my well being is going to improve over time. Ayurveda is not an easy fix and requires discipline and patience but I have learned quickly how unhealthy my daily patterns have been. I plan to continue my treatment with Dr. Rudra and Roy's additional support and expertise and cannot wait to see even more results over time. If you are feeling disappointed by other modalities or by relying on a Western medicine diagnosis, I highly recommend a visit to Rudra Ayurveda as I find it one of the more authentic practices I have experienced thus far in the city.

Sewasew Abebe

I am writing this review on my mother’s behalf. My mom was taking a high dose of predocin (steroid) for very low platelets. When she came to the United States, she was told what she had was an auto immune disease. The medicine caused her blood pressure to spike to 200/90. She normally has blood pressure of 150/80 for the past 30 years or so. She went to see a western doctor which gave her no hope of getting better as she is 74 years old. She was put on blood pressure medicine but since that didn’t help reduce the number, she was put on a second high blood pressure medicine. My mom refused to take it and she hated going to the doctor. Everything she was told was basically because she is old, nothing will get better. I searched for an auyruvedic doctor and I stumbled upon Dr Rudra’s website. I immediately took an appointment online and we went to see her. From the first step we took inside the office, my mom felt at ease. Dr Rudra and Roy were beyond nice, humble, and sincere. Dr. Rudra is very knowledgeable in what she does. She listened to my mom and she assured her that she will get better, SOON! She gave her different herbs and put her on a diet. Dr Rudra told her to continue taking the western blood pressure medicine for about two weeks and slowly stop it. My mom’s pressure went down to 135/80 for the first time in 30 years or so. My mom stopped the western medicine and she continued with Dr. Rudra’s treatment. Dr. Rudra also gave her some breathing exercises. Roy gave her a good class for that. They took care of my mom as if she was their mother. The herbs along with the diet and breathing exercises, my mom went back home feeling energetic, healthy and most of all AT EASE, knowing that there are alternative doctors who do not believe aging is a disease. There is life without medicine with side effects. I cannot thank Dr. Rudra enough for giving my whole family a peace of mind. I refer her to everyone that is ill and is in need of alternative ways of treating their disease.

Sofia Adler

I genuinely could not be more grateful for Dr. Rudra and Roy, the wonderful, warm, caring and knowledgable duo that makes up Rudra Ayurveda! I came to Dr. Rudra in the hopes of becoming a healthier person overall while specifically addressing my lack of energy and issues with digestion. Needless to say, I was not disappointed and quite honestly blown away by the the results I saw in such a short time. Dr. Rudra and Roy are always available for questions (I have a lot!) and welcome my curiosity rather than thwarting it away. They are a resource I feel I can lean on at any time.

The beauty of Ayurveda is that it looks at each individual differently -- no direction, advice or "prescription" (natural of course!) is the same for two people. I felt so seen, heard and respected for all of my issues and reasons for walking into Dr. Rudra's office. Their level of care goes above and beyond what I ever could have expected; whenever I walk in their office I genuinely feel at home.

If you are looking for a natural approach to healing your health issues or to simply live a fuller, healthier life (all while capitalizing on an amazing opportunity to learn more about yourself and eastern medicine), look no further than Rudra Ayurveda. It is a gem within this bustling city of ours and will change your life - inside and out - forever.

Katie Silcox

Dr. Rudra and Roy are shining examples of the treasure that is Ayurveda for our weary Western world. I had an amazing experience working for a week with both of them and will continue to work with them in the future for preventive medicine care, diet, lifestyle and herbs. I have travelled the world studying and learning about health and I can honestly say that the Rudra Ayurveda center, despite its humble appearance, is one of the best centers in the U.S. They use very traditional methods and don't skip corners. Dr. Rudra's deep knowledge of traditional Ayurveda is truly a gift and Roy's friendly warmth made my day. See you soon at Rudra Ayurveda! Katie Silcox, New York Times Best Selling Author of Healthy, Happy, Sexy - Ayurveda Wisdom for Modern Women

Devin Cecil-Wishing

This has been my first experience with Ayurvedic medicine and at first I was a little nervous and not sure what to expect. I decided to give it a try based on all the the glowing reviews I read online.
It has now been about three and a half months since my first visit to Dr Rudra and I couldn't be happier! I initially came for a dry skin condition and some digestive issues. I was amazed at how fast both of these issues cleared up after following Dr Rudra's advice! Not only that, but I feel more relaxed and focused in daily life as well.
On my first appointment Dr Rudra took the time to really explain the concepts behind ayurvedic medicine so that I could clearly understand them. She was very warm and welcoming right from the start and really put any of my nervousness at ease.
Roy (another team member) is also really great. He has taught me breathing techniques and asanas as part of a daily routine which I now follow. His instruction has been great! I really appreciated how specific he was in his instruction and how he would very clearly, but gently, correct me if I was doing something wrong.
Both of them are very open and a real pleasure to be around. I really can't recommend them enough. I have had a great experience and would recommend them to anyone who is interested. This is actually the first time I've ever written an online review of anything so the fact that I felt compelled to sit down and write a review is, in and of itself, a testament to what a positive experience I've had.
Definitely make an appointment if you're at all curious!

Jayalakshmi Balasubramaniananielle

Dr. Rudra is a seasoned ayurvedic doctor with a kind nature. She advised the right cleansing, breathing techniques and herbs for my problems which helped me with the allergies and eczema. She is charismatic, knowledgable and approachable, a person who knows what she is doing.

Roy is a perfect complement to the practice. He taught me the breathing techniques with precision. Also, with his wittiness and admirable hospitality, he wins the heart of every patient at the Rudra clinic :)
Thank you both for helping me bounce back to life!

Abha Alexandre

My first visit to Rudra Ayurveda was late last year. I was in search of natural medicine doctor and came across this wonderful establishment after reading so many great reviews. I did not have any knowledge about Ayurvedic medicine but decided to give this place a try and a few months later I can definitely say I made the right choice. Dr. Rudra & Roy are AMAZING. They make you feel welcome and comfortable. They are full of patience and have excellent listening skills. Everything is explained to in detail and they are always available to answer any questions/ concerns.

Dr. Rudra does an assessment to see what doshas are in imbalance. She creates a plan to address the root cause by making a personalized diet plan to follow in addition to herbs and yoga/ pranayam/ meditation. Dr. Rudra is very knowledgeable, compassionate and very honest. She has helped me a lot by focusing on having a balance approach to everything. I feel so much better from my first visit to today.

I have been to several yoga centers and they are not teaching yoga the right way. Roy taught me how to do yoga and pranayam the correct way. He is a wonderful person and is always available to help and support you. I had the honor of experiencing panchakarma with him. Roy is very caring, loving and he made me feel so comfortable through out the whole process. His hands are magical. He is also very accommodating with scheduling needs.
As my journey to wellness continues... I can truly say I feel blessed to be in care by two wonderful people that will continue to help and support me in every way possible to reach optimal health. I would recommend RUDRA AYURVEDA to everyone.

Danielle Friedman :)

It is difficult for me to find the adequate words to describe how grateful and lucky i feel to have found Rudra Ayurveda and have Dr. Rudra and Roy to be taking care of me. After many many years of going to western medicine doctors and being given pill after pill to fix the problem, i finally got fed up and through a simple google search found Dr. Rudra. I had no idea what to expect, but after reading all the great and heartfelt reviews on their website, i knew i would be in good hands.

The day I met Dr. Rudra is the day everything changed for me. Although Ayurveda is not for the faint hearted - it takes a lot of discipline and patience - the results are worth it and the proof is really in the pudding. Dr. Rudra gets to the root of the issue - and the fix will never be a quick fix, but a journey to correcting a problem that has long been ignored. Dr. Rudra is the most caring, compassionate and knowledgeable practitioner i have ever met. She listens deeply and not only advises the things to do to reach your optimal health, but teaches you.

Going to Rudra Ayurveda is a life changing experience because it was the first time in my life my healthcare practitioner assessed me holistically - mind, body and spirit.

Dr. Rudra treats each patient individually, creating a plan of herbs, diet, breathing and exercise that is created just for you. But it doesn't stop there - you then meet with Roy who is as equally wonderful and caring as Dr. Rudra. Roy is the sweetest soul, and teaches you about pranayam, meditation and yoga, encouraging you along the way. I’ve honestly never seen two people who whole heartedly want their patients to feel good, be happy and succeed in their journey of Ayurveda.

Dr. Rudra and Roy have supported me in this journey and continue to support me and push me to be the healthiest, most in balance version of myself. Their simplistic view to health and happiness makes it easy to feel good and be happy. They make you realize just how easy it is to feel good, by listening to your body and feeding it only what makes you feel good.

I can say first hand that any problems you have, Dr. Rudra will create a regimen that works for you - Rudra Ayurveda will help you tremendously. I feel grateful for this true and traditional Ayurvedic center and recommend it to everyone and anyone i come in contact with.


Sigrid Agren

My experience at Rudra Ayurveda has gone way beyond my expectations. I couldn’t be more grateful to have met Dr Rudra and Roy ! They both deeply care for their patients and are always there for them. My panchakarma was unlike any medical treatment I had ever undergone. It is, as a matter of fact, more than just a treatment, it is a body and mind healing experience. Before starting the cleanse, I thought the restrictions would be hard to follow and that I would feel tired all the time. To my great surprise, I felt so good, light and full of energy that it was easy as could be. I looked forward going to Rudra Ayurveda for my treatment every day. Not only has my health indisputably improved, it has also changed my relationship to my body. I have learnt to appreciate taking care of it and now understand how important it is. My life has changed thanks to Dr Rudra and Roy and I wish that everyone had the opportunity to experience Panchakarma at Rudra Ayurveda !


Theresa F. 

I first went to see Dr. Rudra in late January 2016 to explore ways to improve my overall health and energy levels. I did not fully know what kind of journey I would embark on, but I decided to completely open myself up to all suggestions and embrace the experience. It became clear very quickly that Ayurveda is not a quick "fix", but a full lifestyle change that I had to commit to, in order to see the results I wanted.

While initially, some of the routines and the cleansing Dr. Rudra prescribed were not easy on me (both physically and mentally), I stuck with it and soon emerged as a new person. Not only did my energy skyrocket but I have lost a good amount of weight and feel more healthy and balanced overall.
Seeing Dr. Rudra was definitely the best decision I could have made for myself and I know that the new lifestyle and routine I have embraced and am following, will allow me to be my best and healthiest for years to come.
Throughout the entire process, both, Dr. Rudra and her associate Roy have been nothing but warm, friendly, encouraging and supportive and allowed me to develop a high level of trust with both of them. I have been looked after as if I were family and enjoyed my every interaction with them.
Understanding how Ayurveda works now, I would recommend it to anyone, regardless of what ailments or conditions they are suffering from, as it is by far the most holistic - yet natural and EFFECTIVE - approach to healing your mind and body I have ever encountered.

Harry Cushing

I am having a wonderful healing experience at Rudra and I highly recommend it as an Ayurvedic treatment center. I found Western medicine repeatedly disappointing so I felt it was time to approach my overall health in a more profound and comprehensive manner. The Western approach tends to focus on treating symptoms (often with drugs that have other harmful side effects). Ayurveda approaches health by bringing the entire body into a balanced state (based on 5,000 years of research and practice) in which fundamental healing can occur. Needless to say, the Ayurvedic approach takes time and effort but the results are very real and deeply healing, with no negative side affects. As a result of my panchakarma treatment and the gentle yoga and breathing exercises (pranayama) that were prescribed, my digestion is right on track, my energy levels are dramatically improved, my weight has stabilized at a level I am pleased with, lethargy, aches and pains have subsided and I feel like the general state of my health is very strong which also has a very positive effect on my state of mind. Dr. Rudra and Roy both take their charge of healing you very seriously and deliver the treatment in a caring and gracious manner. You will be shocked that being in a doctor's office can be such a warm, humane and gratifying experience.


Sandy Preston

My experience at Rudra Ayurveda has been like reading a great novel - each experience with them a page that turns in the story of my health. I set an appointment due to a prolonged cold I had been fighting for over a month. Long exhausted by the prescriptions and proposed flu shots that were remedies year after year of respiratory challenges, I finally decided I to heal myself by addressing the root of my afflictions. With the traditional Ayurvedic read of my pulse, observing my tongue, and touching my skin, Dr. Rudra was able to profoundly read into my health history. She recommended a cleanse based on my doshas. The detox required much discipline, but was the best thing I could have done for myself. After five days, not only was my cold diminished, but I felt better than I could ever remember. The follow up pranayama appointment with Roy was immensely helpful -- not only has it improved my yoga practice, but it has totally enhanced my well-being and help realize a long-sought goal of daily meditation. To top it all - the khichdi dish prescribed during my cleanse has become my favorite dish. I prepare it weekly.


Alex Asteinza

I started going to Rudra Ayurveda in 2012. They do an amazing job of both helping you figure out how you are out of balance as well as giving you the tools necessary to get back in balance. Teaching you the right things as well as times to eat, breathing exercises, yoga, meditation, etc. they go through the whole gamut of tools you need to improve your quality of life. I just finished another season of Panchakarma which is a 1-2 week process of loosening up and removing the toxins from your body and then renourishing the body. As always I feel great afterwards both physically and mentally. I look forward to working with them through the years to hopefully make my life healthier, more enjoyable, and longer. Also, when you are there, they do a great job of making you feel like you are family not just an appointment.


Rukmini .P

I was diagnosed with autoimmune disorder and was prescribed with strong medications to subside the inflammation. Did not take the medicines as it could lead to other severe side effects.Instead I rushed to Dr.Rudra seeking help. Dr.Rudra explained me the factors that caused inflammation in me. Surprisingly I was exactly consuming those foods.I followed Dr.Rudra's instructions regarding diet ,herbs and breathing exercise . Roy made me feel comfortable throughout the Panchakarma sessions. Now in just two months i see tremendous improvement. Before i woke up in the morning with so much pain and swelling in my fingers . Now swelling in fingers have gone. Pain has reduced by 90%. I also have gained so much knowledge about how food can make or break my health. I express my heart felt thanks to Dr.Rudra and Roy for all support.


Tamara M.

I don't typically write reviews.  I saw a bad review from someone that only saw Dr. Rudra once and didn't commit to her program, and it promoted me to write. Myself and multiple friends have seen great , great improvements in our health after seeing her and following her regime of diet, herbs, and treatments. 
I originally saw Dr. Rudra for digestive issues.  I had seen multiple medical doctors, gastrointerologist, etc and nothing worked. Dr Rudra was the only one that was able to sort me out.  I will admit, the first time I saw her I was not convinced following just diet, herbs, and lifestyle changes would do anything to change the level of problems I was having.  But I gave it a shot, and  it completely did! 
I have learned so much about caring for my body and my health from Dr Rudra.  She is extremely knowledgeable , very caring, calming, and results oriented. If you want classic Ayurvedic treatments in new york, not a watered down westernized version, you will love Dr. Rudra.


K Turner

My experience at the Rudra Ayurveda Center was quite an awakening one. Dr. Rudra and Roy showed a lot of compassion and care for not only the practice but for their patients as well. The thought of using natural medicine, meditation or relying on my body's own amazing power to heal itself was never new to me. However taking part in panchakarma and discussing qualities of myself with Dr. Rudra and Roy helped me to realize that there are ways to help my body unleash the fullness of its own amazing healing properties in less stressful ways. Our society today is not conducive for healthy living practices often times we run around from one thing to the next, tensing or constricting our body's own ability to rejuvenate and heal itself properly. A week with Dr. Rudra taught me how to slow down and be mindful of my habits of mind and body. How to eat what my body needs, and be mindful of moderation and balance in my life. This practice has extended into other areas of my life and I am so happy to have experienced this awakening both physically and mentally. Now I am more conscious of the fact that what my body and mind needs, aligns also to what my soul and heart needs. Balance is everything!


Aliesha Bryan

I decided to visit Rudra Ayurveda after many months of worrying health issues. I was experiencing a lot of inflammation, aggravated asthma and eczema, restlessness, weight gain, problems sleeping... and the list goes on. I was very tired of being treated with steroids and antibiotics. Dr. Rudra is extremely knowledgeable. She does a thorough assessment and explains everything you need to know about your constitution and the treatment process that will help resolve your issue(s). She is also available for questions and gives you time to think it through before making a decision. In my case, she advised the panchakarma treatment, which I did. The entire process has resulted in a lifestyle change for me that has been extremely beneficial to my health. I was required to put structure where there was none before, particularly with regard to my sleeping and eating schedule. My diet was completely changed, and I was given breathing and yoga exercises to incorporate into daily life. I really feel like a new person, and I'm happy to go in every once in a while for a "tune-up". Roy is also wonderful. He is extremely attentive and patient. He helped with all scheduling issues, and taught me proper breathing and yoga technique, and held my hand throughout the panchakarma process. It was very reassuring to have a guide through this process, which I'd never experienced before. I would recommend anyone to go see them.


Paul Topping

If you are looking for authentic Ayurveda, this is the place. I am a male in my mid 50s and was feeling very sluggish. I have found most cleanses disappointing. But Aurveda is a cleanse of the whole body, from your hair and skin to your internal organs. Fingers to toes. I thought I would have to choose from among many Ayurvedic doctors since I live in Manhattan, but when I googled “aurveda nyc” there were very few satisfying results. And most businesses seemed to be just day-spas that offered certain Ayurvedic-type massages or facials. I chose Rudra Ayurveda because it seemed to be the only establishment that was 100% Ayurvedic, from diagnosis to treatment. And that was run by a Doctor of Ayurveda, trained in India. And I was not disappointed. This is the real deal. The whole enchilada. Just pure Ayurveda. After my initial consultation I took the 7 day Panchakarma and emerged a new person. Not only do you get wonderful oil massages and steam baths, oil treatments in your nose and ears, but also a diagnosis of your body type, dietary advice for your specific type, instruction in herbal medicine, meditation, and best of all, to me, personal instruction in the pranayama breathing exercises which make you feel fantastic. Two hours after Day One my sinus headaches went away and never came back. On Day Three a skin tag fell off! Over the seven days I lost several pounds. I sleep better, my digestion is better, and I continue to lose weight. I have completely said good-bye to heart burn. But more importantly, I feel enabled, because I was given the tools to continue to improve my health all on my own. If you are ready for a re-boot, try Ayurveda. And try it here. Rudra Ayurveda is really first in its class. 


A-M Jones

I found Dr. Rudra's contact information online and wasn't sure what to expect at my first consultation. I was pleasantly surprised. You see, I was puzzled by a strange thing. Every night I would wake up soaked in sweat, so wet that I had to change my clothing and sleep the rest of the night on the other side of the bed where the sheets were dry. I was having perimenopausal symptoms including sleep disturbances and minor digestive problems. Dr. Rudra is incredibly thorough. She explains to you the basic principles of Ayurveda. She offers lifestyle counseling, she asks you different questions and determines your dosha type and where there is an imbalance and offers an effective treatment. I changed my diet and lifestyle and took herbal supplements to support and strengthen the body. The result has been 100 percent positive. Within 4 weeks, the night sweats tapered off. To this day, I've not had a repeat episode. My sleep is normal again. My digestion is back to normal after 3 months and the added bonus is my skin too has improved. I look radiant. My complexion is flawless. I am happier, still healthy and continue to eat the right foods and take herbal supplements every day. So, if you have started to rejuvenate your body through diet, herbs, and lifestyle now or throughout your whole life, it will be easier and more effective after menopause. However, if you are new to natural medicine or have not followed healthy practices for other reasons, rest assured that you can start now and still have good results. Dr. Rudra knows what she is talking about. She and Roy are friendly and professional. I highly recommend Rudra Ayurveda if you are looking for a alternative healing treatment for your health issues.


Cathleen Waters

Dr. Rudra is extremely smart and very caring. Her assistant Roy is attentive and very present, knowledgeable and helpful. I would highly recommend a visit to Rudra Ayurveda if you are experiencing any chronic medical issues or if you are simply looking to explore how to incorporate Ayurveda into your life. One thing to keep in mind is that this approach requires an investment of time and discipline from you (the patient).


Cristina Mis

Hello all, I wanted to share my amazing experience at Rudra Ayurveda a few months after my first appointment. After following a particular diet and balancing my inner-self, Under Dr Rudra's suggestion, I decided to take part in the Panchakarma. It was the first time in my life I have ever done a deep cleansing like that which required a sort of commitment, and I couldn't have chosen a better place to do it. The devotion and care that Dr Rudra and Roy have for their practice is very special and hard to find. Although I was a bit concerned at the beginning as I did not know what to expect from this, I can say that I feel a brand new person. Of course great part of a cleansing is how receptive the individual is and how much we care about our health. So, please go if your intention is to be well and happy. To feel for the first time a deep connection within my body, my mind and my soul was very special. Dr Rudra follows you through each step and Roy has incredible healing hands. His touch and great soul are very inspiring, empowering and nourishing. The massages are perfectly relaxing and the oils are fantastic. I felt positive and so focused like never before after the various treatment procedures used. At Rudra Ayurveda, I really feel completely taken care of with genuine care, and their goal is to make you feel good but most of all to give you the tools so you can continue on that journey on your own. Part of the treatment includes also learning some breathing and meditation techniques with were really mind-blowing because of their positive effect in the mind. I used to have issues with my mind going all over the place, and having a sense of feeling overwhelmed, now I am so happy because I am learning how to manage that and hold energy throughout the day. I feel clean inside and out. It is truly magical. Rudra Ayurveda is a gem in New York. And I am very grateful to be under Dr Rudra and Roy's care. Thank you ! I highly recommend visiting the Center!


Melody Mine

Dr. Rudra has done a great job for me! When I first came to see her, I was more than a little skeptical that Ayurveda will be the effective solution for me, but I also realized I need to try different routs than "western" medicine if I wanted to genuinely be better, not just medicated. Another little setback was that I was quite limited in cash. But it all worked out spectacularly in the end. On a first visit the cleansing diet routine sure sounded challenging, and I had doubts that I could even last few days :) however I was determined to give it my best, and I was glad to discover it got a lot easier as days went by. At a follow up appointment a week later Dr. Rudra and I discovered that I lost 8 pounds. Now, with a thyroid condition that I have (autoimmune thyroiditis) it is very common not being able to lose ANY weight whatsoever, no matter how much you exercise or how little you ear. So losing that much was good news. Even better news, though, was that I FELT way lighter, joyful, more energetic - not like a depressed, lethargic blob I was becoming due to the illness. Dr. Rudra acknowledged the progress we made with the cleansing, and then prescribed some additional herbal formulas and a diet/lifestyle routine to be followed. I did take the medicine as prescribed. Being human, lifestyle and diet changes did not get adopted so easily :) However, even with my less than 100% follow-through approach a few months later I am STILL (!) losing weight and feeling better. That is a real 'miracle' for me. Fingers crossed, I may be able to completely recover from the rest of my intense hypothyroid symptoms and the rest without the 'help' of synthetic formulas. In a nut shell: Dr. Rudra possesses great command of the precious ancient knowledge that is Ayurveda. You will be required to do some work but the results absolutely worth it!


Stevy Murray

Upon doing much research on alternative medicine I had mostly heard amazing things about Ayurveda. All there was to do was find the RIGHT place to go. That RIGHT place and the RIGHT people was Roy and Dr. Rudra at Rudra Ayurveda New York. I was feeling as if my overall health was in a bit of a funk which was why I had decided to come here. After a Panchakarma detox and following the Ayurvedic practices exactly as I was taught by Roy and Dr. Rudra, I feel as if I am a completely different person. The way I feel (health wise) and I also just think much clearer from following the Yog, meditation, and breathing exercises. Thank You Roy & Dr. Rudra xoxo


Ish Timms

Looking for maintenance or restoration of wellness and health Rudra Ayurveda provides a comprehensive way to health. For years I researched and engaged integrative medicine remedies and specialists that just did not work. I suffered from feelings of imbalance: insomnia, gastrointestinal upset and decreased endurance. Dr Rudra commands attention to a holistic program (Panchakarma). In a clear and concise way she prepared and reviewed the plan. I appreciate her approach to mind, body (nutrition) and spirit restoration. Roy is the other half of the “Team Ayurveda”. He is a breath of fresh air. He guided me through the experience. Just when you think you remember the instructions provided. . . then the mind that still has too much chatter, steers you in another direction. Well. . . Roy is just a phone call away. Support is important as you journey toward wellness. Rudra Ayurveda understands. Kudos to Dr Rudra and Roy for a wonderful experience! 


Deepali S.

Thanks to Rudra Ayurveda, my troubled knee diagnosed with degenerative condition has healed. I have MRI reports that show the amazing progress achieved in less than a year from Panchakarma, dietary changes and rejuvenating herbs. No orthopedic would believe it and honestly, if I hadn't experienced the miracle of Ayurveda, I would have been a skeptic too. Dr Rudra and Roy make a very good team. They are extremely devoted to helping their clients and very results oriented. It has been very reassuring to see Dr Rudra because her confidence and knowledge (when I was in chronic pain) played its part in making me feel better and keeping me positive. Roy is an excellent yoga teacher (among other qualities!) and always dependable and caring. Great therapy and great service! I should add that my knee was in such a bad shape AFTER surgery. Now that it is so much better, I am finally able to benefit from physical therapy and work on muscular and posture issues. This will be my go-to place now for primary care because I believe Dr Rudra's Ayurveda is a more precise science and more therapeutic than modern medicine.


Amy Leavenworth

Dr Rudra has been life changing. I first came to Dr Rudra after suffering from 2 years of terrible digestion and acne that had manifested itself all over my face sometime in my late 30's. After my first visit and consultation with Dr. Rudra she seemed to have a very clear picture of the imbalance that was causing my issues and set me a on a clear path for recovering my health. After 2 months of following food guidelines, herbal supplements and breathing exercises I completed Pancha Karma with Dr Rudra and have been on an amazing path to recovery since then (it has been 4 weeks since the PK as I write this). While there are no miracle cures that work over night, the change I feel after following Dr. Rudra's guidance has been dramatic and I have never felt better. My digestion has completely changed and now has the ability to tolerate foods I had blocked out of my life for the last 10-15 years and my skin is on a path of clarity (although this has proven the toughest, it continues to improve each week).  Dr Rudra is incredibly talented and educated. She is a little bossy, but I love that and she is only that way because she KNOWS WHAT SHE IS TALKING ABOUT. I went to countless doctors over the past two years - general practitioners, dermatologists, naturopaths, etc. - no one could figure out what was wrong with me and I was frustrated and deflated. I found Dr. Rudra after a Google search and decided to give her a try. It is incredibly easy to make appointments (she has online scheduling) and both her and her assistant - Roy - are responsive and caring and altogether wonderful people. Since under going treatment with Dr. Rudra I have moved outside of NYC, but Dr Rudra and Roy have provided remote follow-up care and consultation and I know that if I follow the advice provided by Dr. Rudra I will continue to get stronger. They have been a complete godsend! If you have any issues and have been struggling with traditional medicine or even other alternative medicines, drop what you are doing and make an appointment. You will not be disappointed and you may even find yourself feeling better than ever.


Sowmiya Rahul

 I had a beautiful experience with Dr. Rudra. She is very knowledgable and very compassionate and patient. I feel much healthier now and more energetic. Both Roy and Dr.Rudra are focussed on the patients getting better and do excellent follow-ups. In short, if you follow what they say to the dot with a little patience then results are sure. one has to understand that the damage done over years can't rectify overnight so its really worth the wait unlike western medicine which temporarily cure symptom and another problem springs up. My husband went to her for his back issues as he was tired to taking pain killers. he is off of pills and feeling great now! would definitely recommend it to all those who want a permanent relief to acute or chronic problems.


Aandromache Chalfant

I had a profound experience at Rudra Ayurveda. Dr. Rudra spent a long time drawing out my story in our first consultation. She was confident she could restore balance to my life. Through the expert care of both Dr. Rudra and her associate Roy I completed the panchakarma and had a truly transformative experience. Within 2 weeks I could see huge changes in my health and well being. Roy made himself completely accessible at all times day or night if I had any concerns and Dr. Rudra was quickly available if I needed any further information. Dr. Rudra is knowledgeable and thorough in her approach. She is also both practical and empathic. Roy was a wonderful teacher in breathing and meditation. He is very caring and capable. I feel lucky to have found Rudra Ayurveda as I venture forth with a clear body and mind.


Belinda Simmons

Dr. Rudra and Roy have had a tremendous impact on my life after only a three day visit. They both taught me what it means to love and take care of myself which I am extremely appreciative for.......Kristina


Yasmine Yee

I came to Ayurveda via cooking, which (unexpectedly) yielded some improvement in an ailment that had manifested 3 years prior. I had suffered from severe muscle tightness in the legs for 5 years, which the vigorous daily jogging routine mandated by my doctor did not resolve, not to mention the persistent weight gain I struggled to shed. My periods had become tremendously painful. Under high professional stress, my spirits were flying at half mast. I felt I was going to pieces although blood work and traditional physical exams yielded nothing but great health. I was prescribed 7 days of panchakarma and its attendant treatments. Within days of receiving herbalized oil massages, I had recovered a good amount of flexibility. Following panchakarma, I had lost 7 lbs. My period was uneventful. I felt so much spaciousness in my body. One month later, I had lost another 2 lbs and leg flexibility had increased further greatly. My moods are more stable, and I have a more positive outlook on life. Even in the kitchen, I no longer feel deprived: all (most) foods are permissible so long as they are eaten at the most beneficial time of day. Dr Rudra is a fount of knowledge, a highly skilled practitioner with dependable diagnostic ability that includes discerning hospital stays and relationship difficulties simply by reading your pulses! Her insights allowed me to make sense of past history, tendencies, and inclinations. Roy will cheer you on and keep you on track along the panchakarma process. Each day has its own objective; if you don't mind flexing the New Yorker's standard of time and speed, you might just learn to stay focused on the present moment, one day at a time. More than a medical tool, Ayurveda is a time proven, integrative method for living and spiritual growth. I cannot wait to see how the benefits (and side benefits) will continue to unfold as I pursue my newly established routine.


A Walker

When I met Dr. Rudra seven weeks ago, I’d suffered 14 years of medical disasters and misdiagnoses, all the while trying one alternative practitioner after another with insufficient results. It was hell on earth and I'd begun to question my sanity. I had scheduled surgery as a last resort, but Dr. Rudra was confident I would improve quickly enough to cancel the surgery. And she was right.  Three weeks on her prescribed diet, herbs and breathing exercises brought precious relief—I could feel things shifting day to day. It was like finding a key that unlocked the mystery of my malady. I started pancha karma treatments and the healing accelerated, the layers of pain fell away. The mindfog began to clear and my sleep apnea improved. The transformation has been simultaneously subtle and profound on many levels. Everyone says I look fabulous and how much weight did I lose? I lost only five pounds, but the flab (inflammation) is gone. Everything is calmer. Make no mistake—Dr. Rudra is a obviously a skilled diagnostician with deep clinical experience, despite her seeming youth. Roy showed me true-focused yoga and meditation methods which were unlike what I found on youtube. The combined treatment guides my body and spirit to support healing; it is organic and powerful and there is nothing superficial about it. My longtime Md. Doctor says he’s never seen me look so good (!). He asked me twice for Dr. Rudra’s contact information, and asked also if I thought she could do something for his daughter, who is suffering greatly…

Oh, did I mention that within the first week I naturally stopped the sedatives I'd been taking for ten-plus years! It just felt right! **UPDATE 1/2014: I have continued seeing Dr. Rudra and have been making steady progress. She helped prepare me for a necessary surgery and gave me herbs to aid in the healing afterward. There is no artificiality to the treatments, just combinations of herbs. Yes, I can read about the herbs on the internet, but the wisdom and training and experience of which herbs, when, and how? Priceless. She does not demonize surgery or western medicine, but instead understands modern medical techniques, approaches and procedures very well, and is able to work with and around what is best overall for me, the patient. That's a lot of knowledge. 

My mother saw her and within 10 days her diabetes and feeling of unwellness was reversed. Furthermore, she has cut her diabetes medications to a fraction and slowly eliminated her high blood pressure drug completely (it is no longer needed!) These are not quick cures but they are steady ones that bespeak steady progress under a sure hand.


Glenn Petry

 I began to see Dr. Rudra over two years ago when my first doctor of Ayurveda moved out of the city. Frankly, i initially found her to be bit severe, but time has shown this comes from her profound knowledge of and respect for the principles of ayurveda. I now anticipate and appreciate her direct, no-nonsense approach. Be prepared that the Rudra Ayurveda office is more like a business office than what you typically expect to be a 'doctor's office,' but the positive there is that it has a feeling of neutrality, whereas the typical doctors office with its stern receptionist and filled waiting area may tweak the nerves a bit…..they typically do for me, anyway! Dr. Rudra's other team member, Roy, offers a joyful, puckish counterpoint to Dr. Rudra's intensity. He administers the herbs and the treatments as Dr. Rudra prescribes. There was a point in my life when my doctor was an overweight, pale unhealthy looking guy who had me on edge micromanaging my blood test numbers. It dawned on me that if someone is going to micromanage anything about my health, they should at least be as healthy and hopefully healthier in appearance and vibe than me. Roy is that person. He exudes healthy energy. Ayurveda is a completely different approach to medicine than what we encounter in western medicine, which typically diagnoses and treats symptoms. Ayurveda seeks to rebalance and bolster health from the root cause. For me, Ayurveda was a natural extension after decades of yoga practice because it works at the same goal of balance and of purification. Yoga purifies through breath and movement…..ayurveda purifies with breath (again, of course!), herbs, proper diet and cleansing actions. Ayurveda anticipates the natural change that occurs in our bodies over time and through the seasons. Ayurveda like the practice of yoga, is a commitment. It is a commitment of diet and good habits that promotes health in a healthy body ideally, rather than an intervention on a body that has over time fallen out of balance from neglect and bad habits. Through ancient diagnostic techniques of pulse reading and just knowing what to look for and ask about, the ayurvedic doctor can determine the balance of your body and will prescribe a specific diet, herbs, cleansing actions to restore balance. I am into my third year of seeing Dr. Rudra and have gone through 2 series of panchakarma cleansing, both of which have been somewhat challenging (as a cleanse should), but perfectly administered. I came out of each feeling much lighter, stronger and clear headed than when i started. There is quite a fad now for self-prescribed 'juice cleanses'. There are definitely points in the year (and for bodies in certain conditions) when such fasting cleanses are actually detrimental. This is where ayurveda comes in and determines the specific course of actions and diets for your body's immediate needs. If you are a serious yoga practioner and/or meditator, or someone seeking an alternative to western medicine, you should definitely consider the healing arts of Ayurveda. I am grateful to Dr.. Rudra and Roy for their command of Ayurveda and committed and professional guidance toward good health.  


M. K.

I have been living with a hearing loss and Tinnitus, a constant ringing in the ears, since December of 2001.  An ear surgeon and several other physicians informed me that there was no cure for the condition.  He told me that "Lots of people suffer from Tinnitus and you just have to learn live with it".
Not knowing any better I managed to adjust and live with the constant sound.  Then, the first week of February, 2013 the condition worsened.  The ringing had become much louder and I had developed an acute sensitivity and to sounds. Hearing anything had become extremely painful.  Working, communicating, and concentrating on anything had become almost impossible.  I was at my wits end and did not know where to turn!  
Exhaustive research lead me to Ayurveda - the ancient Vedic science of life.  This profound medical knowledge is well over 10,000 years old and seemed to hold the only hope for my condition, Western medicine offered no solutions.  Having no personal experience with Ayurveda practitioners finding Rudra Ayurveda was more of an intuitive process.  After reviewing the Rudra Ayurveda website and learning that meditation, breathing exercises (Pranayama), and certain foods were prescribed as part of the treatments I was confident that I was on the right path.
During my initial visit with Vaidya (Doctor) Rudra she explained some basic concepts about our body's natural state and how certain imbalances can affect our whole system.  She established what my natural "balanced" state is supposed to be through various questions, visual observations, and by analyzing my pulses.  Dr. Rudra explained that my Vata, one of the three bodily humors that make up my constitution related to the element of air is out of balance.  She said this imbalance is causing the Tinnitus to manifest as a symptom.
I elected to undergo Panchakarma (five actions) for seven days - an intensive Ayurvedic cleansing and rejuvenating program for the body.  Breathing, meditation, foods, herbs, and general lifestyle changes were also prescribed as an integral part of the treatment.  Dr. Rudra then introduced me to Roy.  Roy instructed me on proper breathing and meditation techniques.  He made sure I was preparing my prescribed food correctly, and offered to prepare it for me if I did not have the time or ability to do it for myself.
Roy is such a wonderful human being.  He has a true and genuine concern for the patient, loves his work and treated me with respect and dignity.  He explained the processes to me and the necessity to follow the doctor's instructions as closely as possible.  Roy made himself available whenever I had any questions and invited me to call him if I ever had any concerns.  In general I was treated like family by both Dr. Rudra and Roy and was always made to feel perfectly at home.
Today almost two months after the Panchakarma and beginning my lifestyle change, the ringing in my ears has decreased substantially to the point where I sometimes forget it is there!  Every day the Tinnitus continues to get progressively better and I am confident it will ultimately disappear.  It may take a few years but Dr. Rudra explained that Ayurveda is not a quick fix and the body needs time to get back into balance - we just help it along.
Thanks to Dr. Rudra and Roy I have my life back and feel improvement in all areas.  I do not know how to thank them enough and express my gratitude.  Unless you have experienced the incessant misery of Tinnitus it is hard to describe the relief and peace of mind Dr. Rudra and Roy have given me!