India is not only a piece of land with defined geographical limits but a highly esteemed Motherland with the honor of having produced super humans in the form of Rishis and Munis, who enjoyed sacrificing all their worldly pleasures in the service of entire race of human beings.  Maharish Patanjali was one such scintillating personality whose sustained penance blessed us with octo dimensional yog - Yam, Niyam, Asan, Pranayam, Pratyahar, Dharna, Dhyan and Samadhi.  This is the quintessential package for ensuring holistic health encompassing physical and mental health plus spiritual upliftment.  Our physical body is our vehicle riding which we can achieve our materialistic as well as spiritual goals.  It is, therefore rightly proclaimed "Sharir Madhyam Khaloo Dharam Sadhnam" i.e. through the medium of physical body, we execute all our religious pursuits.
It is therefore, imperative to maintain this vehicle i.e. the visible physical body meticulously and religiously.  Yog is scientific and peerless phenomenon  The modern populace at this twilight hour of materialism coupled with incoherent religious practices versus Mirage of spiritualism stand dumb founded and distraught in their quest for stability, peace and eternal blissfulness.  Ways and means may be numerous, options may be countless in the present world which has transformed into a global village, there may be a galaxy of experts/trainers in the field of personality development but the panacea for current ailments, unwanted stress and man-made worries lies in the ambrosia of Yog.  Day in, day our, surveys are being conducted from amongst the cross sections of lowermost and uppermost strata of society which reflects startling figures of major chunk of society afflicted with various types of body ailments and psychosomatic disease.  Joint pains are calling the shots at this critical phase.  These pains start knocking the doors of the most civilized and privileged segments of society at the early stage.
The regular practice of the system of yog, triggers body and mind coordination which is capable of keeping one and all in a state of perfect fitness.  It has become more relevant and exceptionally significant in view of the changing scenario.  There will be no exaggeration to say that the so-called civilized modern man has gone stray and lost the way.  Yog provides the hope and beckon light to engineer the life style correction.
The real goal of the living beings on this planet is eternal peace, happiness and the ultimate liberation from the worldly bondage.  This is possible when the body and mind are healthy, commensurate to the moral statement, "healthy mind lives in healthy body".  The sustained practice of yog generate a systemic hormonal change in the body, strengthen the immune system and cause indelible impression on the intellectual landscape to the extent that results into a definite lifestyle correction.  In the present times, the yog has become indispensable for one and all to attain the holistic health and for the purpose of pursuing the ultimate spiritual journey for divine peace